Github V.S. Git

Many can confuse Git with Github, yet there are many key differences between the two. Understanding the differences and similarities between the two will help you decide which solution you should use for your app.

What is Git

Git is a tool for version control for your code. All of it is stored locally on the device. Created by Linus Torvalds in 2005 it was first used for the development of the Linux kernel.

What is Github

Github is a platform based on Git. It uses the underlying features of Git, but on the web. Github is focused on open source content and development. Created in 2008 it became a sensation, as it empowered developers, company’s, and teams all to work together on open sourced projects and creations.



Because Github stores all your code in the cloud it is replicated many times to insure reliably. Whereas Git is stored locally on the device which means if not taken proper precautions all history is stored on only one drive.


Using Git locally on the device means that your code will ensure your control over security. Hosting it in the cloud with Github in a private repository may place proprietary code on Github’s servers, which may be a greater target than your own machine.


To date Github may be the most empowering, useful, and reliable tool for a great collaborative coding workflow. It allows for team members, coworkers and mabey people you have never even met to converse, discuss and collaborate on projects of all sizes from around the globe. Also while providing the security, reliability and benefits of Git.


The computer industry is rapidly changing. Technology is changing the way we think, play, and work. Github is a great example of this, taking a legacy, useful technology and putting a wild spin on it. Allowing for everyone around the world to connect, work, and learn. Because that seems like the world where everyone is aiming for, breaking down boundaries


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